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Customizable MVP 2 e-Cig Case - This is the prototype for a customizable skin for the MVP 2 battery. Modern Vapes use many different kinds of batteries and you always have the trade off of either being sleek and small or long battery life. The MVP 2 is a very powerful battery with fully controllable voltage and amperage but it’s a very basic box shape greatly lacking in style. I offer these cases that are designed to the customer’s wishes and 3D printed, allowing you to have a unique skin for your vape that you can paint yourself or I can paint it for you. This one I did for myself in the Steampunk aesthetic but can be designed to fit any genre or style. Costs vary depending on design.

The Dictationer: A custom pendant created for a local CPA/steampunk lover. Sterling Silver and Brass.

10,000 Leagues: This is the pendant I donated to Alliance Francais for their 75th anniversary banquet and auction. The theme is “Un Voyage Extraordinaire: The World of Jules Verne”, who was one of their founding members. Saturday, March 22nd at the JW Marriott in New Orleans

10,000 Leagues: This is the pendant I donated to Alliance Francais for their 75th anniversary banquet and auction. The theme is “Un Voyage Extraordinaire: The World of Jules Verne”, who was one of their founding members.

Saturday, March 22nd at the JW Marriott in New Orleans

Darth Malus PWNY: Dawn broke upon the smoldering aftermath of the war of Care Bear Aggression. As the smoke faded from the scorched hills of Pony Land, the ponies cast about in search of their injured and fallen. Many were wounded, too many were lost. The gruesome scene was far worse than any had imagined. Bitter tears fell on the grasslands and the images haunted the dreams of the survivors.

In a small gully on the far side of what would become known as the Moors of Betrayal lay a scene too horrific for the youngest to behold. A brave young pony named Apple, who had charged ahead, driving back the forces of the Care Bear Cousins, had fallen. She had been overcome by the Smooze and finally torn asunder by the unrelenting attacks of the evil Cousins. None could face the horror of descending into the pit to attempt to retrieve the body of the fallen hero. Words of remorse and respect were spoken before all turned away and walked sadly back to the Pony Paradise Estate. What no one could imagine was that Apple was still alive. Her body had become so saturated with the dark power of the Smooze that it was forcing her heart to beat, her lungs to breathe, and her eyes to see her kin turn away, leaving her for dead in the gully.

Days passed before the beaten remnants of the Care Bear Cousins army dared approach the battlefield. What others saw as a tragic end, they saw as an unholy beginning. The weakest of the Care Bear Cousins were dead. This left their forces lean and desperate, but more determined than ever to have their revenge. Under cover of darkness they took what remained of the one they called “Chosen”. They rebuilt her, changed her, molded her into an unnatural amalgam, more machine now than Pony. The darkness of the Smooze corrupted her mind, she ceased to be the playful loving Pony she once was and became Darth Malus. Now she wants vengeance, justice against those who turned their backs on her. She is seeking it, all her will is bent on it. Her darkness gives her strength the others could never dream of. Her old name, her old life, no longer has any meaning for her. She is a new PWNY, twisted and evil.

Handmade from a 1st Generation “Parasol” My Little Pony. Her helmet is hand formed brass. She has been completely repainted and given new legs. Magic Android legs.

Third in an ongoing series of five.
Steam PWNY & Part 1 of the story of the War of Care Bear Aggression
Lady Aeronautica

Hand Engraved Bosun’s Whistle: Available for Purchase
When aboard your ship, communication is key. Between the rush of wind, the spray of the sea, the roar of the fires or the thunder of cannon fire, sometimes it can prove quite difficult to catch the attention of whatever scallywags you have scraped up to man the decks. That’s when a hardy Boatswain or Bosun’s mate reaches for his trusty pipe.

A boatswain’s call, pipe, or bosun’s whistle is a pipe or a non-diaphragm type whistle used on naval ships by a boatswain. It is pronounced, and sometimes spelled, “Bosun’s call”.

Historically the boatswain’s call was used to pass commands to the crew when the voice could not be heard over the sounds of the sea. Because of its high pitch, it could be heard over the activities of the crew and bad weather. Whether sounding to haul anchor or simply calling the crew to mess, any and all commands could be passed down easily after the beautiful, haunting call of a well played pipe.

This unique whistle has had its keel completely hand engraved by the artist with meticulous attention paid to detail. Custom designed scrollwork adorns this treasure of the sea, while the beautifully polished, two tone, copper and brass construction will visually signal exactly who the crew takes orders from!

A large gold filled jump ring allows easy attachment to any kind of fob or lanyard, and one side of the keel features an open banner which can have the intended recipient’s initials engraved onto it by hand, Free of charge!

Measures 6” X 1”

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"Colt .45 Peacemaker 6 Shooter Bracelet": A great gift for gun aficionados or Cowhands of all ages! This bracelet is embellished with 6 live primer caps from .45 caliber cowboy loads. A dyed black leather strap holds the shells securely on your wrist with soft foam padding on the interior for the most comfort possible in a leather bracelet. This item will show your love of firearms in high style.

The shells have been cleaned and stripped of all gun powder residue and are completely safe to wear. It would take an incredibly unlikely strike with a sharp metal object directly on the primer cap to detonate them and the resultant “pop” is harmless. It would however, dislodge the bullet cap from the bracelet so it is not recommended you attempt it.

Two fasteners allows for different sized wrists and is good for guys and gals. 1” wide

The Imperial Steam Pipe: Created from brass and silver as a gift for a very distinguished gentleman for his 30th birthday.

Steampunk style lock pick in progress, by Reaction Designs. Fabricated from found objects and hand engraved by the artist.