Reaction Designs Metalwork

The Dictationer: A custom pendant created for a local CPA/steampunk lover. Sterling Silver and Brass.

10,000 Leagues: This is the pendant I donated to Alliance Francais for their 75th anniversary banquet and auction. The theme is “Un Voyage Extraordinaire: The World of Jules Verne”, who was one of their founding members. Saturday, March 22nd at the JW Marriott in New Orleans

10,000 Leagues: This is the pendant I donated to Alliance Francais for their 75th anniversary banquet and auction. The theme is “Un Voyage Extraordinaire: The World of Jules Verne”, who was one of their founding members.

Saturday, March 22nd at the JW Marriott in New Orleans

Hand Engraved Bosun’s Whistle: Available for Purchase
When aboard your ship, communication is key. Between the rush of wind, the spray of the sea, the roar of the fires or the thunder of cannon fire, sometimes it can prove quite difficult to catch the attention of whatever scallywags you have scraped up to man the decks. That’s when a hardy Boatswain or Bosun’s mate reaches for his trusty pipe.

A boatswain’s call, pipe, or bosun’s whistle is a pipe or a non-diaphragm type whistle used on naval ships by a boatswain. It is pronounced, and sometimes spelled, “Bosun’s call”.

Historically the boatswain’s call was used to pass commands to the crew when the voice could not be heard over the sounds of the sea. Because of its high pitch, it could be heard over the activities of the crew and bad weather. Whether sounding to haul anchor or simply calling the crew to mess, any and all commands could be passed down easily after the beautiful, haunting call of a well played pipe.

This unique whistle has had its keel completely hand engraved by the artist with meticulous attention paid to detail. Custom designed scrollwork adorns this treasure of the sea, while the beautifully polished, two tone, copper and brass construction will visually signal exactly who the crew takes orders from!

A large gold filled jump ring allows easy attachment to any kind of fob or lanyard, and one side of the keel features an open banner which can have the intended recipient’s initials engraved onto it by hand, Free of charge!

Measures 6” X 1”

"Colt .45 Peacemaker 6 Shooter Bracelet": A great gift for gun aficionados or Cowhands of all ages! This bracelet is embellished with 6 live primer caps from .45 caliber cowboy loads. A dyed black leather strap holds the shells securely on your wrist with soft foam padding on the interior for the most comfort possible in a leather bracelet. This item will show your love of firearms in high style.

The shells have been cleaned and stripped of all gun powder residue and are completely safe to wear. It would take an incredibly unlikely strike with a sharp metal object directly on the primer cap to detonate them and the resultant “pop” is harmless. It would however, dislodge the bullet cap from the bracelet so it is not recommended you attempt it.

Two fasteners allows for different sized wrists and is good for guys and gals. 1” wide

The Imperial Steam Pipe: Created from brass and silver as a gift for a very distinguished gentleman for his 30th birthday.

Steampunk style lock pick in progress, by Reaction Designs. Fabricated from found objects and hand engraved by the artist.

Glow Plug Earrings”: Any good ship’s mechanic will tell you that a glow plug is a nothing part. Till you ain’t got one. Most ships will run for months and even years with the same plugs and you won’t have a problem, but they do go out. The unfortunate side effect of one actually going out is that without a complete set, without a replacement. You’re dead in the water.

That’s why it’s a good idea to have a couple extras around all the time. Conveniently mounted to be worn as earrings, but can easily be converted into a stylish necklace or slung from a utility belt. These lovely plugs will be the life of the party and your engine!

Never be without a Glow plug again! Pairs well with the Micro Lantern.

Handmade from Brass, Rubber, and an LED

Measures: 2.5” long x 1” wide

Glow Rod Earrings”: In times of need, it’s important to be prepared. When out on a voyage anything could go wrong. You may even (through no fault of your own) find yourself stranded on a different world with no fuel to get airborne again. Gauge might be busted.

To this end I have constructed these fine earrings. Within these handmade casings is enough raw energy to blind most humanoids, safely contained within a magnetic flux barrier. Not only can they be dazzling Earrings, but can easily convert to a stylish necklace or be slung on a utility belt. Best of all, should the need arise they can be used to reactivate any standard core reactor and get you back on your way.

-These are temporary countermeasures and are not a substitute for a core recharge.
-They are not to be used to blind most humanoids.
-They are delicate storage units that may or may not be subject to force induced flux interference which may or may not result in a small but permanent….. explosion. Please handle with care.

NOTE: Earrings are not really subject to explosion but make a wonderful accessory to any outfit needing a little brightening up. Pairs well with the Micro Lantern.

Handmade from Brass, Rubber, Plexiglass, and an LED

Measures: 3” long x 1” wide

"Micro Lantern: Sometimes in life, you need to risk a little more light. Why rely on newfangled flashlights or old fashioned torches? There is a happy medium to be had in the lantern. Used by everyone from Link to Indiana Jones, lanterns provide just the right amount of light to see but just little enough to keep the environment dark and intriguing! But who has the space to pack one for every adventure? They can be bulky, heavy, and are too hot to put back in the pack when battle ensues (which it will). Then of course there is the fuel to consider and who knows if there will be a shop open to sell you more when it runs out? If only there was a compact lantern that is easy to use, is small enough to be worn at all times, and is bright enough for you to be able to pick that stubborn expert lock.

Reaction Designs Metalwork is proud to unveil the Micro Lantern! At only 3” in height it can easily be slung on a utility belt or even worn about the neck as a stylish and eye catching pendant! Entirely hand fabricated from solid brass, it’s powered by Lithium Ion technology while maintaining a classic look. This little beauty will provide you with hours of light to rummage through buried treasure chests or to disarm that trap you might not have seen otherwise!

Measures 3” inches in length and is 1” in Diameter

Steampunk “Steam Pipe”: In a world that is quickly becoming smoke free, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find events or venues that allow a distinguished gentleman or lady to enjoy the pleasures of a good smoke. Gone are the days of cigars and pipes in the sitting room and evening constitutionals over a hand rolled cigarette. In order to preserve the old ways, it’s important to adapt to new technology and to always have a backup plan!

To that end I present the Steam Pipe. An entirely handmade Brass pipe to hold an electronic water vapor cigarette. No more fussing with messy tobacco or suffering the harsh looks and words of those who do not approve. You can simply enjoy the stimulation and satisfaction of smoking while maintaining an air of dignity and refinement.

Jokingly referred to as the iPOD of smoking, these water vapor cigarettes produce a cloud of Nicotine suspended in harmless Vegetable Glycerol vapor. Get all the feeling and perks of smoking without the negative health effects. High end versions are rechargeable and come in different flavors and they even feature different color end caps that light up when you smoke them!

The pipe is 3” tall and 7” long, Composed of Brass and rubber tubing with a mesh screen dome. The front of the pipe is open so that spectators can see the light glowing when in use, and the main housing features a slide that is extendable to accommodate different brands and lengths of electronic vapor cigarettes. Comes with one disposable BLU brand “classic tobacco” cigarette equivalent to one pack of traditional cigarettes.

Now available for purchase.