Reaction Designs Metalwork

The Isotope Extruder”: Custom made to power the reactors in the first trans-galaxy cruise ship. Tragically the funding was cut before the inaugural voyage. The ship was dismantled, and the blueprints stolen by pirates leaving only the activation key behind. Should someone recover the blueprints and rebuild the legendary ship this key would send them soaring through the cosmos! Until then it makes a beautiful beautiful vest, lapel or hat pin!

Handmade from Brass and Sterling Silver. The bright green “isotope” is UV reactive Plexiglass that shines brilliantly in any light but really glows in sunlight or under a black light.

Measures 2.5” long and .5” wide

Graviton Pulse Converter”: A veritable necessity for all space travelers, this is a Personal Graviton Pulse Converter. A graviton is the subatomic particle which transmits the force of gravity, and graviton pulse is a focused concentration of graviton particles. This graviton pulse converter is a device capable of converting the gravimetric force/energy of these particles into alternative forms of energy. Think of it as a solar cell…but for the force of gravity. Without one of these, You would be unable to harness the kind of power necessary to create a large enough warp bubble to jump to hyperspace. Thus warp travel is but the fever dream of a mad man. Or is it? Can be easily fastened to a utility belt or hung from a chain as a stylish necklace until it is needed to replace a burned out module.

*Credit to my brother for teaching me everything I will ever need to know about gravitons!*

Handmade of Brass and colored Plexiglass and found watch parts.

Measures 2.5” long and 1” in diameter