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Hand Engraved Brass Pilot Wings made for a friend who just got his pilot’s license.

Hand Engraved Brass Pilot Wings made for a friend who just got his pilot’s license.

New Steampipe e-cigarette holder,complete with glowing coals of Kerium!

Kerium is the most valuable crystal in the universe of Bravestarr, a steampunk/western cartoon from the 80’s. Basically a futuristic spin on the gold rush, it brought miners, settlers, and criminals to Lone Star planet. Every action figure from the cartoon came with acrylic nuggets of Kerium and they are very rare now! This pipe uses 2 Kerium nuggets which glow when turned on.

This one was created for personal use, but commissions for your own unique holder are welcome. Commissions are handled through my Etsy page.

The Imperial Steam Pipe: Created from brass and silver as a gift for a very distinguished gentleman for his 30th birthday.

Glow Plug Earrings”: Any good ship’s mechanic will tell you that a glow plug is a nothing part. Till you ain’t got one. Most ships will run for months and even years with the same plugs and you won’t have a problem, but they do go out. The unfortunate side effect of one actually going out is that without a complete set, without a replacement. You’re dead in the water.

That’s why it’s a good idea to have a couple extras around all the time. Conveniently mounted to be worn as earrings, but can easily be converted into a stylish necklace or slung from a utility belt. These lovely plugs will be the life of the party and your engine!

Never be without a Glow plug again! Pairs well with the Micro Lantern.

Handmade from Brass, Rubber, and an LED

Measures: 2.5” long x 1” wide

Glow Rod Earrings”: In times of need, it’s important to be prepared. When out on a voyage anything could go wrong. You may even (through no fault of your own) find yourself stranded on a different world with no fuel to get airborne again. Gauge might be busted.

To this end I have constructed these fine earrings. Within these handmade casings is enough raw energy to blind most humanoids, safely contained within a magnetic flux barrier. Not only can they be dazzling Earrings, but can easily convert to a stylish necklace or be slung on a utility belt. Best of all, should the need arise they can be used to reactivate any standard core reactor and get you back on your way.

-These are temporary countermeasures and are not a substitute for a core recharge.
-They are not to be used to blind most humanoids.
-They are delicate storage units that may or may not be subject to force induced flux interference which may or may not result in a small but permanent….. explosion. Please handle with care.

NOTE: Earrings are not really subject to explosion but make a wonderful accessory to any outfit needing a little brightening up. Pairs well with the Micro Lantern.

Handmade from Brass, Rubber, Plexiglass, and an LED

Measures: 3” long x 1” wide

"Micro Lantern: Sometimes in life, you need to risk a little more light. Why rely on newfangled flashlights or old fashioned torches? There is a happy medium to be had in the lantern. Used by everyone from Link to Indiana Jones, lanterns provide just the right amount of light to see but just little enough to keep the environment dark and intriguing! But who has the space to pack one for every adventure? They can be bulky, heavy, and are too hot to put back in the pack when battle ensues (which it will). Then of course there is the fuel to consider and who knows if there will be a shop open to sell you more when it runs out? If only there was a compact lantern that is easy to use, is small enough to be worn at all times, and is bright enough for you to be able to pick that stubborn expert lock.

Reaction Designs Metalwork is proud to unveil the Micro Lantern! At only 3” in height it can easily be slung on a utility belt or even worn about the neck as a stylish and eye catching pendant! Entirely hand fabricated from solid brass, it’s powered by Lithium Ion technology while maintaining a classic look. This little beauty will provide you with hours of light to rummage through buried treasure chests or to disarm that trap you might not have seen otherwise!

Measures 3” inches in length and is 1” in Diameter

This is a custom pendant designed to resemble a personal Submersible from the video game BIOSHOCK, now available for purchase.

The Bathysphere was a personal un-powered submarine used for research and observation. It was in essence a large sphere that would be lowered into the ocean. It would maintain pressure and a breathable atmosphere for a fixed amount of time and would then be retrieved. It could hold passengers or simply an array of sensors. In BIOSHOCK they are used for transportation via a network of rails.

The main hatch porthole and spotlight lens are composed of resin. The hatch is held closed with a magnet. The interior light is visible through the hatch, but to fully appreciate the detail you have to open the door.The main hatch swings open to reveal the control room.The back plate twists off to allow access to the battery box. The blue push button activates the lights. Entirely hand formed brass with an oxidized patina. Overall size is 2” in diameter and 1.75 ” thick.

New piece: A Brass pipe to hold an electronic water vapor cigarette. Oh that’s right, it’s a steam pipe. The slide is extendable to accommodate different lengths of electronic vapor cigarettes.

The culmination of a collaboration with Ian of Skinz-N-Hydez. Many thanks to Mitch for his excellent idea of combining my Steampunk Stimpack with his custom gauntlet.

The culmination of a collaboration with Ian of Skinz-N-Hydez. Many thanks to Mitch for his excellent idea of combining my Steampunk Stimpack with his custom gauntlet.

Gold Bearing Brass Pneumo: This piece was made by me during the last semester of my senior year at University.

This is my first, and I feel strongest, design in the Pnuemo series. I wanted to deal with the concept of containment and conveyance and I thought specifically about the air powered message tubes that banks use.

In a world of financial uncertainty and with precious metal costs at levels higher than ever before, should trends continue it may become practical and even fashionable to wear precious metal “investments” around your neck. While we already do this in ornamentation, I wanted to take that concept and apply it in an industrial and more practical sense. Rather than having something made from precious material merely as decoration, the pendant becomes a conveyor of wealth that could be traded and used as currency. This is the spirit that I try to convey with the Pneumo series: Small practical containers that convey riches and stay very close to the owner. Closeness, Security, Investment, Containment, Conveyance.

1.75” long, 0.75” in diameter on a 16” jeweler’s cord. Composed of
Brass, Sterling Silver, 24 Karat Gold Flake, & Mother of Pearl