Reaction Designs Metalwork
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Currently available inventory of wearable sculpture, jewelry, and sculpture. Additional information available upon request. Don’t see what you want? Commissions are welcomed.

"Isotope Insignia": In my observations of humanity, I have noticed a unique aspect of our species is the
desire to decorate an individual for achievements. No other animal adorns members of their society for actions above and beyond normal behavior. We however, not only decorate ourselves for the joy of it but we create pieces of art to reward others for actions that we feel are deserving of it. That is the spirit behind my various pins and brooches.

I try to take a platform like a brooch, and expand it into a piece of art that is as curious as it is unique. I like objects that I make to be fascinating to the child within us all. The best way I have found to accomplish this is to incorporate light. Not only the light of a fine gemstone or the reflection of metal, I try to find way for pieces to create their own light. This allows them to draw attention to the individual even in ( or especially in) rooms that are completely dark. I feel that this will be a future for jewelry and even articles of clothing. Perhaps it stems from my desire to see Science Fiction blend with reality, but this avenue is one that I have never seen expanded in the scope and fashion that I feel it deserves. Our eye, (being lazy) is attracted to light more than shadow. So to me there is no better way to create emphasis or appeal then to put light where it usually is not.

This pin is a beautiful hand formed piece of Titanium that has been heat treated to create blended clouds of orange, green, purple, red, and blue, but done in a controlled fashion to create more visual depth. This piece contains three ultra bright green LEDs that will stay lit for upwards of 8 hours and will illuminate a dark corner or hallway. The entire case is hand fabricated from Brass and has six pieces of green Plexiglass set into it. The top three pieces have been carved down into cabochons which sit just above the LEDs, serving to illuminate and emphasize the green color even further. Some light also falls into the vertical green elements creating a unique underglow.

Measures 3.5” x 3.5”


"Personal Cooling Rods": There comes a time in every adventurer’s life when the pressure simply becomes too much. When the boiling frustration threatens to blow a gasket and unleash a scalding blast of unbridled fury that destroys everything in its path! It’s those times dear friends when you will be happy to have the luxury of a personal pressure regulator that will allow you to defuse the tension and prevent those costly meltdowns. Simply extend the high capacity cooling chamber and allow the rods to cool your head and heels simultaneously.

This is an entirely hand fabricated wearable sculpture composed of Brass,Titanium, and steel. The lighted chamber slides on a custom built track and locks inside the completely light proof housing so the light is only visible when the slide is extended. A switch on the back allows the wearer to turn the rods on and off as desired. It sits high on the neck on a 1/4” wide black leather strap with a unique front mounted hook/link clasp system. Batteries included.

Incorporating design elements from ships, planes, and nuclear reactors, this is truly a piece of wearable art that will no doubt spark conversations in any social setting.

Measures: 5 1/2” long (Closed). 3” wide at the top, 1 1/2” wide at the bottom. 7 1/2” long (Open)


"Personal Reactor": This is the piece that started it all! The origins of Reaction Designs and my love of Steampunk metalwork. This is an entirely hand fabricated personal nuclear reactor! This piece was designed as the endgame for all steampunk technology. As you may know nuclear power is made by creating enormous amounts of heat through fusion or fission which then generates steam and the steam powers turbines to create energy. My thought was: “if only that could be harnessed to power a human being! Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Simply strap on Professor Nelson’s personal reactor and buzz the day away with the natural zip of portable fission!” I like to point out that I conceived and fabricated this several years before Iron man became the huge phenomenon that is it today.

This piece was conceived to quell the frustration I had from growing up as a child of Science Fiction where Nuclear energy not only powers laboratories or super scientists and mad geniuses but radiation gives ordinary people amazing super powers! The reality of Nuclear power is obviously less desirable, with the various disasters that have happened trying to control it and the horrible side effects and death that occurs from actual exposure to radiation. So this piece stemmed from a desire to see more of my fantasy mix with reality. Perhaps someday we will be able to get superpowers but until then, I will continue to make devices that blur the lines of reality!


"Bionic Crawfish": This is my labor of love for the Gulf Coast, its people, and the noble Crawfish. My favorite movie involves a trusty and loveable robot left on earth to clean up behind man’s reckless abuse of this beautiful planet. There have been few instances in our history where a man-made disaster has had such a massive impact on an ecosystem as well as a society as the Gulf oil spill. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, 9/11, Exxon Valdez, The AZF Chemical Plant explosion and finally Deepwater Horizon. In my view, as nearly inexcusable is how quickly this passes from the minds of people who look out and see it’s not in their back yard. We all live on this planet and casting blame and responsibility seemed to be much more important than correcting the problem and restoring not only the wildlife but the lives of everyday people who still depend on the Gulf Coast to feed their families and uphold their heritage. So I present the WALL-E of the sea, casting no blame but ready to tirelessly work to clean up the mess. This is my tribute to people who still labor to clean up after someone else. My apology to people who were asked to take one for the team while others bought new SUVs and complained about the price of gas and that they couldn’t get cheap seafood anymore. My tears for a wetland that will never fully recover, and my promise that I’m not going to forget, nor can I forgive the scars we leave on our Mother Earth. I intend to donate a portion of the proceeds to Gulf Coast restoration efforts.

16 points of articulation. 7 inches long, 3.5 inches tall, 5.5 inch arm span. Composed of Brass, Sterling Silver, PVC, and watch parts


"Vault Necklace": For those items of unspeakable value, you can’t do much better than a vault. Now you can keep your treasured item right around your neck! This locket was designed to mimic the sturdy, impregnable security of a bank vault, while keeping the delicate beauty of a well made locket. It won’t hold your gold bullion or bearer bonds, but it can keep a photo, coin, ring, jewel or other small valuable safely sealed away from prying eyes or sticky fingers. Feel the security and dependability of a massive vault, miniaturized for personal adornment.

28mm in diameter. It has a twist locking mechanism so the lid comes entirely off. The inside chamber is 15mm in diameter and 10mm deep. Pictured in Sterling Silver but available in Brass, Gold, and even Platinum upon request. Price varies based upon material.

Sterling Silver $300

"Hand Engraved Revolver Ring": Ever since the gun was invented, artists have been commissioned to turn them into works of art. From flintlocks to machine guns, even cannons and mortars have been embellished with Silver and Gold, scrollwork, and sculpted relief.

In the Early American West, the gun was the most valuable possession in a person’s life. It not only allowed them to hunt to feed their families, but provided security against anything from bears to bandits. It was common practice for a father to buy a gun, save up his money, have it engraved and pass it on to his son when he was old enough. From this practice, a rich engraving tradition emerged and thrived for generations. However with the mass production of cheap, easily available firearms, the tradition of engraving has all but passed into history. With this ring you can celebrate that tradition and show your support for a true lost art form.

This is a scale replica of a .45 caliber single action revolver cylinder which has been cast in Sterling Silver and fully hand engraved with a traditional English scroll pattern. Each section was laid out, carved and relieved by the artist one at a time.

Size 12.5

Due to the length of the ring, it is intended to be worn on the index or middle finger. Can be made to order in Sterling, Gold, or Platinum. Costs vary with the market value.


"Time Lord Necklace": Inspired by Doctor Who. The overlapping and interconnected rings and circles are used as the written language of the Time Lords. Available as an open frame or as an overlay. When coupled with its base, which can be made in any color (shown here in TARDIS blue) the frame spins freely, allowing you to turn it any way you like.


"Time Lord Cufflinks": Inspired by Doctor Who. The overlapping and interconnected rings and circles are used as the written language of the Time Lords. Now available in a stylish pair of cufflinks which can be made in any color (shown here in TARDIS blue) or in any precious metal. These are the perfect accessory for the distinguished time traveler. The base is designed to hold colored enamel and is separated to allow the frame to spin freely, allowing you to turn it any way you like.


Lego Cocktail Ring”: The perfect compliment to any outfit is the perfect ring. For the geeky beauty in your life, only the finest will do. Precious when you were young and precious now, Lego jewels are ever so valuable. What else was worth battling pirates, raiding desert tombs, intergalactic warfare, or undertaking dangerous deep sea mining operations? Show that special someone just how much they mean to you as an adult with an icon of your youth.

Crafted from beautiful Sterling silver or any precious metal you desire, adorned with the color of your choice, or multiple colors. A cocktail ring for their inner child and outer beauty. Multiple colors available. Interchangeable. Message me for pricing on alternative metals. Sizes available from 4-12. Ring pictured is a size 6.


"Lego Treasure Chest Pendant": We all had one. A Lego treasure trove that represented the most valuable things our young minds could imagine. Gold, jewels, lost artifacts, rare minerals, or alien technology. Anything we wanted, anything Lego people would fight and die for, securely hidden inside an unassuming chest.

Now you can recapture your lost treasure and wear it proudly as a symbol of your vibrant creativity and irrepressible inner child!

Lovingly arranged by a caring hand, this pendant combines all the classic treasures of the Lego kingdom! Gold nuggets, coins, ingots, and colorful gems. This pendant amasses a wealth that would be the envy of any Lego adventurer.

Handmade from actual Lego pieces, held in place by jeweler’s epoxy and sealed to protect against wear and fading. Comes on your choice of a gold filled chain or black jeweler’s cord.


"Steam PWNY": When the Care Bears were revived in 2007 there was no contact made with the estranged and embittered Care Bear Cousins who resided in the Forest of Feelings. This was not well received. While confined to the Forest, the Cousins were forced to feel and re-feel the sting of this betrayal and were growing ever more resentful of the success of other cute creatures such as the My Little Ponies which are still more coveted than any other 80’s icon. Everything changed when the Care Cousins were visited by Grumpy Bear. No longer satisfied with just being grumpy he had succumbed to his darkness and become Hateful Bear. Together they formed a plan to find a new home where they could flourish and become more famous than any other creature, but this time they would take it by force.

Just over the rainbow lay the sleepy realm of Pony Land. Early one morning while all the Ponies lay sleeping, a entire battalion of Care Bear Cousins marched across a field that would soon be blackened by battle. None could have known that the Cousins had harnessed they powers of the dark magic know as Smooze and planned to eradicate the ponies once and for all!

"The Battle of Care Bear Aggression" began as the Cousins joined hands and initiated the Care Bear countdown. They struck in a surprise attack with "The Care Bear stare heard round the world". Many were killed in the first wave, but there were those who resisted. The Ponies called all allies to their cause but they simply were not prepared for the threat the Dark Bears posed. Battle raged for three days and nights before the last of the Care Bear Cousins were smote upon the hillside and the Ponies surveyed the damage. Many were lost, countless more wounded but none so gravely as Minty. Time and time again she dove into the thickest parts of battle to strike back or rescue smaller and weaker Ponies from harm. Indeed her shining example gave courage to all around her and was pivotal in the eventual victory for ponies everywhere. As the sun rose on the fourth day her strength was failing and the Smooze had almost overtaken her.

The Ponies would not stand idly by and watch the ” Hero of Pony Land” succumb to her wounds. They contacted famous inventor and long time friend Admiral Tim “Axel” Nelson of Reaction Designs to save her. Combining the very latest in prosthetic enhancement, skin grafting and hydraulic pressure conversion, not only did he manage to save her from the Smooze but he made her stronger, faster, better than she was. She runs faster, jumps higher, and can carry more weight than any Pony ever has. She still stands guard over Pony Land Castle, ever vigilant in case any other creatures dare to challenge the might of the Ponies.

This is a one of a kind sculpture that was hand fabricated from the body of Minty, a 1st generation My Little Pony from 1982. She was completely repainted, given a new mane and tail, battle harness and a powerful prosthetic hoof with a fully functional knee joint. After the procedure she adopted the clockwork symbol as her tattoo in gratitude to Admiral Nelson for saving her life.


"Lady Aeronautica Steam PWNY": Lady Aeronautica was born to one Pegasus pony and an ordinary pony. Even though she loved both parents dearly, she always felt conflicted about her own identity. Which world could she belong to? Could she ever belong to both? She ran in the fields and danced in the tall grass but she longed to swoop through the clouds and ride the winds. She felt compelled to bridge the gap between her two worlds and encourage more unity within Pony Land. So she volunteered for "Pony Reassignment". Designer and friend of Pony Land Admiral Nelson gladly agreed to take on the challenge. While the procedure was non-invasive, it did not come without risks. Ponies are not naturally skilled fliers and even Pegasus ponies are usually taught to fly as they grow up. She must maintain constant focus to avoid tumbling to the ground. Her mane and tail must stay restrained so they do not become tangled in the delicate workings of her wings. She must wear protective hoof covers to avoid sustaining damage upon landing and she must never fly too low over the ocean or too close to the sun. With practice and focus she can now glide among the clouds with her mother and easily return to earth to be re-join the rest of her family. No longer must she be bound by the circumstances of her birth and she is free to be who she wants to be.

Made from a 1st Generation “Jam” My Little Pony. She has been completely repainted, given brass shoes, and a new mane and tail. Her backpack is completely hand fabricated from brass, canvas and some watch gears.

Second in an ongoing series of five.


Darth Malus Steam PWNY: Dawn broke upon the smoldering aftermath of the war of Care Bear Aggression. As the smoke faded from the scorched hills of Pony Land, the ponies cast about in search of their injured and fallen. Many were wounded, too many were lost. The gruesome scene was far worse than any had imagined. Bitter tears fell on the grasslands and the images haunted the dreams of the survivors.

In a small gully on the far side of what would become known as the Moors of Betrayal lay a scene too horrific for the youngest to behold. A brave young pony named Apple, who had charged ahead, driving back the forces of the Care Bear Cousins, had fallen. She had been overcome by the Smooze and finally torn asunder by the unrelenting attacks of the evil Cousins. None could face the horror of descending into the pit to attempt to retrieve the body of the fallen hero. Words of remorse and respect were spoken before all turned away and walked sadly back to the Pony Paradise Estate. What no one could imagine was that Apple was still alive. Her body had become so saturated with the dark power of the Smooze that it was forcing her heart to beat, her lungs to breathe, and her eyes to see her kin turn away, leaving her for dead in the gully.

Days passed before the beaten remnants of the Care Bear Cousins army dared approach the battlefield. What others saw as a tragic end, they saw as an unholy beginning. The weakest of the Care Bear Cousins were dead. This left their forces lean and desperate, but more determined than ever to have their revenge. Under cover of darkness they took what remained of the one they called “Chosen”. They rebuilt her, changed her, molded her into an unnatural amalgam, more machine now than Pony. The darkness of the Smooze corrupted her mind, she ceased to be the playful loving Pony she once was and became Darth Malus. Now she wants vengeance, justice against those who turned their backs on her. She is seeking it, all her will is bent on it. Her darkness gives her strength the others could never dream of. Her old name, her old life, no longer has any meaning for her. She is a new PWNY, twisted and evil.

Handmade from a 1st Generation “Parasol” My Little Pony. Her helmet is hand formed brass. She has been completely repainted and given new legs. Magic Android legs.


The Master Key Lock Pick: The perfect accessory for any steampunk, adventurer, or cosplay outfit, this handmade, one of a kind, and hand-engraved lock pick completes any outfit and is as unique as you are.

Adventuring is an interesting line of work. One never does know what they might need to get into, or out of for that matter! Treasure chests, lock boxes, trunks, or prison cells. There is no warded or lever lock that can stand between you and your objective. Not if you have The Admiral’s own custom made Master Key Lock Pick!

You can never be sure if you will have an unbroken pick or bobby pin when you reach the final crypt. What if you only have a silver key for a golden lock? Maybe you didn’t want to fork over the 1000 gold pieces for the secret map and key to the ancient Dwarven city. Whatever the case, sometimes you need a little help and the Master Key has you covered.

Sporting the latest in auto tuning spring actuation, reverse coring augmentation, and a gravity feed of “Professor Pickett’s Perfect Pick” picker’s oil, this finely crafted gadget can open even the most stubborn locks with no effort at all. However it also allows for manual fine adjustments to be made with the dual mounted thumb wheels for those extra stubborn Master level locks. Should the need arise (hypothetical pursuit by evil doers or law enforcement officials), the self powered auger can burrow straight through any locking mechanism to expedite your escape. Of course this means you can’t lock the door behind you.

It’s light, good for righties and lefties, handmade, and built to last with a rubberized wood grip and all brass workings. Will fit into many existing gun holsters, or you can have one custom made for an additional fee. The precision nature of the device necessitates lock picking experience. Journeyman status or level 30 lock pick skill is required.

Reaction Designs does not condone the cool crime of robbery.

Guaranteed to open any lock made before 1942.

“Professor Pickett’s Perfect Pick” pickers oil is caustic and toxic. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and mouth.

Reaction Designs hereby admonishes those with intent to rob from the rich and give to the poor.

Reaction Designs will not post bail

Please note that this item does not actually function as a lock pick in this particular reality but is intended as that special finishing touch to any outfit you may dream up.


Hand Engraved Pirate Ship Pendant: Let’s face it. No one lived as free or as merry as pirates. The very embodiments of incentive driven, unadulterated, liberty. Beholden to no law or government, answerable to no man, without regret or inhibition, the buccaneers roamed the open sea in search of treasure and adventure. The modern age was none too kind to this lifestyle nor those who lived it, and in the words of Black Bart Roberts, it was “a short life but a merry one.”

It was common practice for sailors to carve or engrave personal objects during the long hours of a voyage. From whales, to ships, mermaids, or barmaids, anything and everything would be emblazoned on bone, wood, metal, and even their own skins.

Perhaps you can’t rig a ship and strike for open waters but you can own a token of their legacy. This 25mm, solid brass tag has been painstakingly engraved with the finest details of a beautiful 3 masted ship, can be worn as a necklace, tag, or keychain, and will show everyone your longing to live a life that’s totally free.

Can be further engraved with a name, logo or a personalized message of the back of the tag for an additional fee.

Contact seller for engraving options and pricing.


"The Wings of Enola": A pair of wings borne of fires brighter than the sun. Reveal yourself as a radioactive phoenix with this pin. 3in. long and 1in wide. Handmade of Brass and UV reactive Plexiglass


"Rising Eagle Accolade" This is a beautiful addition to the accolade series. This is a reclaimed eagle pin that is perched on top of Sterling Silver and Brass bars. Do you have a person who rises above and beyond but has never been recognized for it? Look no further for the perfect gift to show that they are worth decorating! Measures 1" in diameter and 2.5" long.


"Isotope Accolade": A medal of honor for those who have trekked the scorched wastes and come out a stronger dweller. A perfect accessory for your vest or coat, this medal tells all around that you are not afraid of a little radiation! Never leave your vault without it. Composed of brass, blacklight responsive plexiglass, and a found object. Measures 2.5in. long, 1in. in diameter.


"The Isotope Containment Unit": You always need to remember to pack extra plutonium for the return trip home! Composed of Brass, Sterling Silver, and UV reactive plexiglass. Not to worry, the isotope is safely tucked inside a lead lined glass tube. Measures 1.5 inches long and comes on a 18" black jewelers cord.


"The Isotope Extruder": Custom made to power the reactors in the first trans-galaxy cruise ship. Tragically the funding was cut before the inaugural voyage. The ship was dismantled, and the blueprints stolen by pirates leaving only the activation key behind. Should someone recover the blueprints and rebuild the legendary ship this key would send them soaring through the cosmos! Until then it makes a beautiful beautiful vest, lapel or hat pin!

Handmade from Brass and Sterling Silver. The bright green “isotope” is UV reactive Plexiglass that shines brilliantly in any light but really glows in sunlight or under a black light.

Measures 2.5” long and .5” wide


"Isotope Column Earrings": Beautifully polished UV reactive plexiglass glows in sunlight or under a blacklight. Adjustable dangle earrings allow you to hang them from 1” to 3.5” simply by pulling on the chain.


"The Crimson Eye of Isis": This beautiful pendant was recently uncovered inside a sepulcher in the ruins of Isis’ redoubt. Isis was the goddess of Slaves, Sinners, Artists, and the downtrodden, which in many cases are one and the same. She is a source of power to warriors, women, and most importantly warrior women. Thought to have been worn by Isis herself, and believed to contain some of the life blood of her husband Osiris, this pendant is imbued with traits that increase the power of any woman, and instills the wearer with might known only to the Goddess herself.

A unique piece created by the artist, the red “eye” catches the light brilliantly and the pendant lies delicately about the wearer’s neck on twisted jeweler’s cord. Handmade from Brass, Resin, and PVC tubing. Measures 1” wide x 2.5” long



"Mini Distributor":  Straight off of an alien world or a post apocalyptic wasteland comes the little brother in the Distributor line. This Mini Distributor makes a perfect accent piece to any steampunk outfit. Easily convertible to serve as a key chain, watch fob or cell phone charm. Available in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Clear there is a Mini Distributor for every style. Matching earrings are also available in all colors. Composed of brass, PVC, and plexiglass. Measures 2in. long on 14in. jeweler’s cord.


"Distributor Pins": Steampunk style pins perfect for hats, ties, or lapels. Composed of brass, PVC, and green glass. 0.75 inches in length. Also available in blue and clear glass. A more delicate installment to the Distributor line, these accent pins are also available as earrings.


"Emerald Distributor Pin": Steampunk style emerald pin. 2 carat emerald set in brass with PVC detail. 1in. long, Part of the distributor line, this is a beautifully crafted pin for your favorite tie, hat or coat. The large Emerald is internally flawless and catches even the faintest light with a bright green fire. A perfect crown jewel for your favorite steampunk outfit!


"Green Orb Earrings": Sterling Silver dangle earrings clutching bright green plexiglass orbs. This unique set of earrings goes well with any outfit. Just over 1 inch long these earrings practically glow in the sunlight and you can rest assured that no one else will have anything in this shade of green. I have never found or seen more of these green orbs and once I run out I doubt I will ever find them again!


"Blue Cube Earrings": These were designed after requests to incorporate new and different colors into my work. These earrings are Brass housing that hold silver lined blue glass cubes. They are on Silver ear wires to prevent irritation to sensitive skin. May be sold separately or as a set with the Blue Cube Necklace.

1” long


"Blue Cube Necklace": This delicate necklace was designed as a compliment piece to the matching blue cube earrings. This is a solid Brass housing that holds silver lined blue glass cubes. It comes on a 14" black jeweler’s cord. May be sold separately or as a set with the Blue Cube Earrings.

1/2” long


"5 Stone Drop Pendant": A new flare on a timeless look. This is a 5 stone drop pendant that is hand fabricated out of brass with 5 CZs mounted vertically in a delicate but sturdy frame. The black cord and black stone mounts coordinate nicely with the polished brass frame to create a stunning visual contrast. Comes on a 16" black jewelers cord with a gold plated toggle clasp.

Measures 1.5” in length and tapers from .25” at the top to 1” at the bottom.


"Hand Engraved Fish Necklace": For centuries humans have had a direct connection to fish. Observing the natural grace and beauty in their movement is known to have soothing, meditative benefits and has inspired songs, murals, poetry and dance. Watching fish swim lowers blood pressure and deepens breathing, reduces anxiety, and promotes wellness.

This beautiful pendant is cast in solid Sterling Silver which has been fully hand
engraved and highly polished. Two swooping fish gracefully swim around each other while dozens of hand cut scales glitter in any light. They will keep you feeling peaceful and serene.

Pairs beautifully with the Hand Engraved Fish Earrings, forming a complete set. Chain available by request for an additional $40.

Measures 3.5” by 1”
Solid Sterling Silver


"Hand Engraved Fish Earrings": These earrings are cast in solid Sterling Silver which has been fully hand engraved

and highly polished. Two swooping fish gracefully swim around your face while dozens of hand cut scales glitter in any light. They will keep you feeling peaceful and serene.

Pairs perfectly with the Hand Engraved Fish Necklace, forming a complete set.

Hangs approximately 2” long, 1” wide at fins
Solid Sterling Silver

"Rearing Lion Necklace": While the Harry Potter and Game of Thrones series have made this crest a modern icon, the Rearing or "Rampant" Lion has been featured in family and clan crests since the middle ages. Denoting power, honor, courage and nobility, the lion crest has been associated with King Richard “The Lionheart”, and can also be traced to several kings of France and Spain as well as Finland and Sweden.

Now you can purchase your very own lion crest to represent your family, clan, or house proudly.

This Pendant is cast in highly polished Sterling Silver and has been finished and hand engraved with the details of the features: Mane, face, claws, and tail, by the artist personally. Each one is made to order and can be cast in Gold or even Platinum if desired (Materials cost will vary with the market.) Contact seller with any questions.

Measures 1” by 3/4”. Comes with a matching chain of a length of your choosing. Paris perfectly with the Rearing Lion Earrings.


Rearing Lion Earrings”: While the Harry Potter and Game of Thrones series have made this crest a modern icon, the Rearing or “Rampant” Lion has been featured in family and clan crests since the Middle Ages. Denoting power, honor, courage and nobility, the lion crest has been associated with King Richard “The Lionheart”, and can also be traced to several kings of France and Spain as well and Finland and Sweden.

Now you can purchase your very own lion crests to represent your family, clan, or house proudly.

These Earrings are cast in highly polished Sterling Silver and have been finished and hand engraved with the details of the features: Mane, face, claws, and tail, by the artist personally. Each set is made to order and can be cast in Gold or even Platinum if desired (Materials cost will vary with the market.) Contact seller with any questions.

Measures 3/4” X 1/2”. Pairs perfectly with Rearing Lion Necklace.


"Fully Engraved Pocket Knife": This beautiful Stainless Steel Buck Knife has been fully hand engraved by the artist, who specializes in one-of-a-kind objects with a personalized touch. Small yet intricately detailed scroll work adorns this 3.5 inch knife, which conforms to almost all laws and practices with regards to personal weaponry.

You would be hard pressed to find a finer gift for that special someone who requires more than your standard “store bought” fare. Razor sharp and beautiful to behold, this knife will serve admirably to start conversation or to open stubborn packaging. Whether cutting twine or acting as an objet d’art, this knife will never cease to impress. Hours of time and experience went into creating a one-of-a-kind item that will please its owner for years and is worthy of being passed down to future generations.

The “Buck Knife” name is synonymous with quality and now it’s being presented in the highest style. Hand engraving is a timeless, rare craft that is only performed by a select few craftsman who still value its appeal. Once you lay eyes upon this one-of-a-kind item, you to will see its unquestionable allure and will not be disappointed.

One side of this knife features an oval space to personalize it for the new owner. The purchaser can have the intended recipient’s initials engraved on it, Free of Charge!

Measures 1” X 4.5” extended
Stainless steel


"Mother of Pearl Pneumo": A beautiful and more feminine addition to the Pneumo line, this delicate container holds a clean cylinder of Mother of Pearl adorned with sleek silver architectural elements. This is the first Pneumo to sport the flared brass end caps which will soon become standard on many of the models. However this is the one and only "Mother of Pearl" Pneumo that will be made unless a new source of cylinders can be found.

Measures 1.5 inches in length and comes on a 16in Sterling Silver chain.


Hand Formed Aluminum Earrings”: A new installment in the hand formed earrings line, These are aluminum with Gold leafed interiors. Started from a flat sheet they were hammered and formed around stakes and anvils into a sturdy but delicate flared tube. I then gold leafed the interiors to accentuate the forming. They are hung from Silver ear wires to prevent irritation to sensitive skin.

2.5” long


Hand Formed Brass Earrings: These are brass with a gold leafed interior. Started from a flat sheet, they were hammered and formed around stakes and anvils into a sturdy but delicate flared tube. I then added a dark patina to the outside and gold leafed the interiors to accentuate the forming. They are hung from Silver ear wired to prevent irritation of sensitive skin.

2.5” long


"Hand Engraved Stainless Steel Tie Bar": There is almost nothing that can’t be engraved, and everything benefits from a personal touch! Why not start with personal accents for that next big party or even everyday wear?! Hand engraved stainless steel tie bar kicks your formal wear up another notch or simply dresses up everyday neck wear with elegant scrollwork. Tie bar attaches with alligator clip mechanism, no holes in ties created unlike a standard tie pin.

Measures 1.5” in length, 0.25” wide.


"Hand Engraved Sterling Silver Earrings": These oval earrings are handmade from sterling silver. The scroll and leaf pattern was laid out and engraved entirely by hand. They feature a stippled, frosted background but could also be made with a blackened background to embellish the detail even more. They are 20 x 10 mm ovals that are delicate and lightweight but sacrifice nothing in quality and beauty. They go perfectly with any formal or casual attire and add a touch of class to any outfit. They are made to order and can be made larger or smaller by request.

"Three Stone Drop Pendant": Fine Silver cast from the mechanical tentacle of a Squiddy with a brilliant cut Cubic Zirconia flush set into each knuckle on a Sterling Silver chain. A beautiful adornment for your geek princess.


"Blacksmith Twist" Bracelets: Hand forged twisted Sterling Silver bracelets. Solid silver. Pairs well with the Blacksmith Twist Ring.

$175 each, $300 for the pair

"Blacksmith Twist" Ring: Hand forged twisted solid Sterling Silver. Size 7. Pairs well with Blacksmith Twist Bracelets.


"Topography": A necklace composed of reticulation silver with accompanying 26in. adjustable black jewelry cord. 2.5in long, 1.75in. at widest point. Some see Louisiana, others Central America, perhaps even a fantastical undiscovered land? Only you know for sure. This beautiful landscape of silver is one of a kind.


"Reticulation Silver Earrings": Dangle earrings composed of Reticulation Silver and Cubic Zirconia on Sterling Silver wires. 1in. long, 0.5in wide.


"Thruster Earrings": Personal thrusters to channel your inner fire. These Earrings will allow you to make the Kessel run in less than 12 Parsecs.


"Brilliant Spear Earrings": These are handmade post style earrings with shaped plexiglass spearhead accents. Red are pictured but they are available in every color or the rainbow including UV reactive green! These earrings show beautifully in the light and the rich color comes to life in the sunshine.They make a stylish addition to any outfit, formal or casual. Posts are sterling silver for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Brass, Plexiglass, Sterling Silver


"Tree Swallow in Flight Brooch": This is a silver pin with colored acrylic that is carved to give it a more 3 dimensional feel. The colored acrylic is fitted into a silver frame that was hand made by my grandmother in 1979. It was passed on to me and I then gold leafed the background to brilliantly reflect and accentuate the color in the sunlight. It was then carved with diamond tipped engravers so the frame perfectly matches the shape of the feathers and tail. A perfect gift for any bird lover or your own special someone. A true one of a kind treasure.

The wings measure 3” from tip to tip and the body is 1.5” from tail to beak


"Blue Helix Earrings": While bearing a resemblance there is no connection to the infamous T virus which can lead to uncontrollable Zombie outbreaks. Or is there? The creator could not be reached for comment but a message was received later which consisted of only three words. "Itchy……Scratchy……. Brains" Have no fear, we at Reaction Designs are confident that the containment units are intact and secure. 2.5" long, can hang up to 3.5". Composed of Sterling Silver and Plexiglass.